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If you thought you had seen the last of Jo Frost, think again. In the US, where she now lives, she has already started filming Family SOS with Jo Frost, in which she single-handedly takes on a whole family.“I’ve always been about the parents,” she says.Having successfully taken her buffed-within-an-inch-of-its-life brand of no-nonsense child-rearing Stateside, Supernanny is back to promote her new book, Jo Frost’s Toddler SOS: Solutions for the Trying Toddler Years. “I wanted to do a wider format that would show how I was helping the adults…Jo's sister has a syndrome called cri du chat Chris Martin stopped a Coldplay gig to sing Happy Birthday to her down the phone, Bono got on his knees to tell her he adored her and Madonna spent three impromptu hours on her show.While Liam and Noel Gallagher paradoxically describe her as one of the 'hottest' and 'coolest' women of their vast female acquaintance, Chris Evans is more blunt.You put a mirror up and you go, there’s the truth, now what? In our interview she certainly seems focused on specific themes – namely “troubleshooting” and “the truth” – and she doesn’t seem keen to deviate.But she is also warm and funny, the kind of person you can imagine being a positive, if not formidable, influence on a child. Now that I live in Cali, I go to basketball games all the time. In each episode she would single-handedly whip them all into shape through a process which involved a lot of hands-on-hips head-shaking and thoughtful chastising of both the unruly tots and their emotionally-fraught parents. You can say as much to me with what you don’t say as what you do say. How you don’t sit.“I can assess the situation or somebody pretty quickly.Sorting out other people’s lives, she says, is her calling. I want to look at how I can then create space for that person to recover. I can look at a photo and tell you about your child’s temperament and personality.

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Given that her books shift millions of copies, this could go on for a while.

This way I can give everybody the knowledge and I don’t have to be cut.”As long as her publishing house is happy “to facilitate the vision” (it’s all “very calculated,” she adds) she is happy to keep spouting her home-spun pearls of wisdom, presumably once edited of the charming malapropisms (at one point laissez-faire becomes “la fai-ez”, at another Michael Connelly is renamed “Michael Colony”).

In Supernanny, which ran for three series in the UK and was a big hit in the US, Frost and her camera crew set up camp with a succession of end-of-their-tether families struggling to deal with unruly kids.

It could be down to the fact that she's happily married with three children (India 13, Jude, seven, and Cass, five), or that, at 40, she's a good deal more grown up and evidently loves her job.

But the most likely reason is the side of her that, despite her celebrity, is least known to her public - that her interest in music was forged because of an uncommonly close childhood relationship with her sister Frances, 38, who has special needs.


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