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Larry David I still think of that guy I was without a wife or kids, and I still want to entertain that guy.The lonely guy, the frustrated guy, the guy with no money - this is the guy who needs to laugh.But some topics will simply never be outright acceptable as comedic fodder. Larry David was a featured guest on last weekend's episode of Saturday Night Live.While performing a stand-up bit as part of his opening monologue, the jokes quickly turned topical.He did so in the fourth season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” the Philadelphia Inquirer noted, in which David’s character asked: “Do survivors like seeing each other; do they like to talk about old times?” The rest of the segment involved David setting a Holocaust survivor up for dinner with a star of the TV show “Survivor,” which ended in a screaming match.

"When it comes to modern stereotyping and culture bashing, the rule of thumb is that it's okay for a person to make fun of their own group (see self-deprecating humor).

Larry embraces the upside of disability when he courts a handicap woman to take to a recital at a friend's house, but she doesn't return the favor when Suzie throws Larry's cell phone in the ocean and Larry loses her number in the process.

We are now in season 7 of Curb, and the big talk about this season is the Seinfeld reunion.

And unlike the previous episode, "The Hot Towel", Larry isn't such a complete moron that everything is his fault.

Really this is one of Curb's best episodes, and what "The Doll" was to season 2, this will likely be the season 7..season classic.


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