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'The Resistance' host Keith Olbermann claims to have evidence that "collusion has been proven" between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. "It doesn't matter if Sessions doesn't know his quid from his pro quo," Olbermann explained. If these stories are correct, that means with Trump in office, Sessions lied to the Senate about his conspiracy with Russia." "And while in office, Trump reportedly signed off on Trump Jr's untrue statement about this conspiracy with Russia," he also said."The case is closed now," Olbermann said about the accusations.Example: The image below shows Eric Stonestreet (L) and Olbermann (R). I’ve met them both and they’re closer in size than you’d think. Eric is wearing a suit with regular width lapels and a skinny tie. To overcome Keith’s size, and what I would’ve done with Eric, I went with wide lapels, which have an amazing slimming effect on larger builds.

Couple that with appropriate-sized lapels, dress shirts with spread collars, and perfect tie widths and you’ll fool even a professional, like myself, into thinking you’re average-sized.

Conventional wisdom says TV adds ten pounds to people. But conventional wisdom rarely applies to Olbermann.

And seeing him in person, you realize TV makes the man appear smaller.

Candidate Trump the urged the Russians to hack the computers of his opponent, and the computers of her party were already being hacked.

The president-elect's son-in-law [after the election] tried to establish a secret communications network with which to talk to the Kremlin.


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