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to p.m., answering questions about sex and other concerns, like abuse or thoughts of suicide.

The pilot project is the result of a 3-1/2-year push by nurse Zayda Cáceres, who coordinates the hospital’s family and youth services. Cáceres saw thousands of misinformed – or simply uniformed – teens arriving here pregnant, with sexually transmitted diseases, or facing other adolescent health challenges.

But sex education shouldn’t be only about teaching teens how babies are made, says Hugo González, the United Nations Population Fund representative in Honduras who has worked closely with the government’s recent initiative on teen pregnancy.

About three months pregnant, Tamariz stumbles over the word “sex” when she says that “of course” there was sex education at her school.

Her class had chats about “AIDS and other illnesses,” she says. In theory, sexual education is part of the national public school curriculum – but that hasn’t been the reality.

Things like consent, and how to identify and report unwanted sexual advances is a part of the education that’s lacking and often times avoided due to cultural taboos here.

National initiatives are popping up across the country, from training teachers – who may never have had sexual education themselves – on how to talk about sex in the classroom to setting up a hotline to address teen health concerns.


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