Honda motorcycle dating certificate

This is a secret place that many people miss on their way.

We may stop at the Maple Sirup Shop if they can accommodate us.

It was eventually filled in after Route 66 and Odell was bypassed by the Interstate. (2 lane 66) and the 4 lane Route 66 on the north side of town. It may look like it’s always been there – but in actual fact it originally faced the much older Route 66 alignment.

Further south and before arriving in Pontiac, we stop for a look at number 18700 Old Rt. When the alignment changed the whole building was lifted and turned around 180 degrees.

Then it became a body shop - until that eventually closed its doors in 1975.

Years of neglect took their toll on this old Standard station, which is still here today thanks entirely to the preservation efforts of the Illinois Route 66 Association and their Preservation Committee.

Meet you downtown at our hotel where we enjoy a great Welcome Dinner and celebration with your fellow riders.

Before that you may want to visit some of the highlights Chicago has got to offer: a river sightseeing tour, Willis Tower, Navy Pier, Sphere, some blues or jazz clubs - just to name a few. First we drive to the rental location and do paperwork for both rental and insurance.

It’s here that you’ll find that kitsch classic, the Gemini giant.Soon our bikes will take us to Atlanta IL to check out another huge fibreglass man – this one named Tall Paul.This particular "Muffler Man" stood for many years in front of Bunyon's across town in Cicero, Illinois along Ogden Ave. We not only have a chance to enjoy espresso shots but we also meet Angel in 'The Palms Grill Cafe' - a great little place with faithfully restored small tables and vinyl-covered chairs that has been serving Route 66 travelers since the 1934!Check out the glass visible register type pump, in which the amount of gas you wanted to purchase was pumped into the glass tank, and gravity fed it into the fuel tank.Just a block away from the old Mobil station, an old Catholic Church stands along Route 66.It’s a 30 foot tall fiberglass "muffler man" from the 1960s.


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