Funny dating tips for girls

Dating expert Kate Taylor says that if you want to play games, concentrate on Angry Birds. Make sure to avoid anything crass, but don’t be afraid to use a line so crappy that it’s actually become funny.

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If you’re going home alone, at least you haven’t wasted your whole night on a squeaky clean chick flick. Advice To Take: There is nothing creepier than a man who can dance. And while you think your ‘moves’ look sexy, girls just think it’s cringeworthy. Comedian Bekka Bowling warns that ‘comedy dancing’ is a turn off. “Girls love a digital interruption in their day which tells them you’re thinking about them. Being funny is important, but it’s not the be all and end all.

Sophisticated Tastes Although Taiwan had little contact with any other country for hundreds of years, in the 20 century it was closely connected with the US and Europe. They have sophisticated tastes in food, wine, clothing and shopping that other Asian women don’t have.

In that regard, they are more familiar with western culture.

“It helps if she’s laughing with you, not at you, though…” Advice To Ignore: Don’t always act too keen. If you don’t show her you like her, she’ll be offended by the fact you look like you’re ignoring her.

If you think you’re aloof like Don Draper from , you’re almost definitely not.


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