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“I see people that have left our band or other bands, and after two or three years they really miss it.If you feel like you are done, make sure you’re done, because if you’re annoyed and you want to move on, a few years down the line you’re gonna miss it.” Something tells us Comeback Kid aren’t done yet.Of course, the scene has changed dramatically from the days of their 2002 self-titled EP.Jeremy reminisces about the old-school days of flogging CD-Rs and close-knit touring networks, which have since been replaced with tour buses, agents and managers. “I think about it every now and again, and I really miss being in the van driving from Omaha to Kansas City, knowing that so-and-so is going to be there, and you’re going to stay at their place. We’re staying in hotels for the mostpart, or if we’re in Europe we’re splitting a nightliner with another band, so it keeps you from having those interactions that you had back then.At high school, music was what helped me have my own identity even when I didn’t fit in – music made me feel fulfilled, in a weird way.“You get feedback from fans, and they mean it when they say your music helped them.You don’t necessarily understand how it works with everybody, but I do know that it just provides some reprieve from the daily grind for some people.

“I always felt like there’s this void that music fills that a lot of other things maybe can’t.

Most people involved in the "anything but straight" circle ring this amazing partyline to discover talking to various fun people about several subject areas that interest both parties; anything from casual interaction to hardcore one-2-one in-person pounding.

Brand new callers to our party-line rapidly get the round the clock talk comp.

And while you might think that the land of Slayer, Decapitated and Opeth isn’t suited to Comeback Kid, Jeremy is keen to point out that NB have recently signed the likes of Hatebreed and Agnostic Front, alongside newer hardcore bands like Broken Teeth.

But there’s no escaping the fact that Comeback Kid are a band of melody. Their gang vocal, bombastic choruses have become a staple part of the CBK sound and are simply joyous bellow out loud.


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