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All of this is to say: your character creates your future.

) but he was convicted of bribing a company that made him millions of dollars.

Some people who have an Apple ID will never use it to purchase anything -- sticking instead to the free apps on the service.

If this is the case, why do you always have to add a credit card just to set up an account?

My mom would scream at my dad, “I told you not to give him money!

I was a little kid but I felt scared and didn’t know why. My dad was too trusting and too sad and died from the cocktail of both.

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Default in the credit card industry is, by itself, an entire industry that many people benefit from. But here’s the good news: not everyone will follow this advice. But if you are struggling and your kids need food and your marriage is at stake and you lost your job, then simply stop paying your credit card debt and follow the process I describe above. I would say mortgage debt also but that’s another post.

If you click on this app to 'buy' it, you'll be taken to the login/sign up box again.

If you input your details in this one, however, the credit card page will give you a 'none' option for payments.

Even if you didn’t read all the fine print (who does?

You signed a contract where everyone knew the risks.


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