Eight at eight dating

Though unfortunately, many times digital dialoguing and dating can be damaging and disappointing.At Marriage Pursuit we recognize the potential of online dating and will advance this social medium further.This will change inside our community with a steady stream of edifying content and productive discussions on Christian dating.Far too many Christian communities drill down the fine points of ecclesia or soteriology while neglecting the obvious elephant herd pounding the floors – need to get married!You may not meet your new soul mate at the first dinner you attend, but they may be attending a dinner very soon. Once a suitable group is finalised, you will receive confirmation details by email and text to your mobile.You now have the perfect opportunity of meeting some one special and possibly create your very own new circle of friends as well.

Eight Date, Christian singles matched dinner groups will change all of that.

Each Eight Date will be hosted by one of the participants and will be held at area restaurants.

You’ll receive an official invite via email (or text) with the specific information for that specific Eight date which you can accept/decline based on your schedule. The backstory of Eight Date: during my single season I consistently yearned for an elevated form of the “singles group.” Living in the city center of Houston, I saw eligible singles circulating around each other and often not intersecting.

Get out of that rut from the same old scene & step away from the screen!

Expand your dating horizons with Christian singles across the Houston ( & DFW Summer 2017) area!


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