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Justice Secretary Michael Gove, left, arrived at Cabinet this morning for the first time since it emerged he would defy David Cameron to back the Out campaign.

Employment Minister Priti Patel, also pictured arriving at Cabinet, is also backing Brexit.

But yesterday he directly contradicted David Cameron's claim that Britain was 'safer and stronger' in the EU by claiming staying in the EU would make Britain more vulnerable to a Paris-style terror attack.

She has railed against the 'democratic deficit' of the EU's institutions, adding: 'My experience in business is that organisations are only successful and efficient when they are accountable and flexible – and the EU is neither.'At the weekend he called for Britain to 'recover the powers we have lost' and said Cameron's pledge to reduce net immigration to the tens of thousands would be 'impossible' while remaining a member of the EU.

Jeremy Heywood, the Cabinet Secretary, sent a letter (pictured) to all civil servants this morning telling them that government resources must only be used in the referendum campaign if it supports the Government's official stance in support of Britain's membership of the EU The key paragraph announcing the ban on the use of government material for pro-Brexit arguments (pictured) rules that civil servants must not provide pro-Brexit ministers with information that supports their case to quit the EU because it goes against the Government's official position to remain a member of the 28-state bloc The guidance sent to civil servants today seeks to ensure that ministers and civil servants abide by David Cameron's decision that the Government's official position will be to stay in the EU and ministers who 'take a different personal position' may argue against that position only outside of their official government role.

The key paragraph announcing the ban on the use of material for pro-Brexit arguments states: 'As set out in the Prime Minister’s letter it will not be appropriate or permissible for the Civil Service to support Ministers who oppose the Government’s official position by providing briefing or speech material on this matter.

The 6ft 5in Leader of the House has a cool relationship with Gove, who has reversed many of his justice reforms.

She will be able to access official government material to make the case for staying in the EU - unlike her anti-EU colleagues 'This includes access to official departmental papers, excepting papers that Ministers have previously seen on issues relating to the referendum question prior to the suspension of collective agreement.

The pair are banned from using the civil service to support their EU arguments Other Brexit rebels, including Iain Duncan Smith, left, John Whittingdale, centre, and Theresa Villiers, right, all appeared in Downing Street this morning.

Under the Civil Service guidance on the EU referendum sent by the Cabinet Secretary Jeremy Heywood today, they will all be at a disadvantage against their pro-EU colleagues It means Michael Gove, Iain Duncan Smith, Priti Patel, Theresa Villiers, Chris Grayling, John Whittingdale and around 15 junior ministers are barred from accessing official department papers that support their case for Britain to leave the EU.

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