Dating violence advice parents

Then they create “exit strategies” to leave unhealthy friendships without drama.As parents, we need to teach our kids how to disagree when they don’t like what’s happening to them or someone around them.This is one of the most difficult and often overlooked steps by parents, yet it is one of the most important parts of leading your Christian teen down the right path.While neither one of you may feel totally comfortable talking about dating, sex, temptation, or feelings, it is important that your teen understands your perspective.But the reality of dating violence is that it doesn’t begin the moment someone hits or gets hit.I’ve seen lots of kids get involved in toxic relationships in middle school.Say things like, “It’s alright that we have different opinions on this.I respect your point of view and I’m glad you can respect mine.

Even if dating isn’t anywhere near your kid’s radar, he or she will have already experienced power struggles in friendships.

Girls in my Athena’s Path leadership camp practice diagnosing healthy vs. At the start of this camp lesson, I ask the girls, “How many of you are in a friendship with someone who makes you feel bad about yourself more than 50% of the time?

” and, not surprisingly, almost every hand goes up.

Many parents of Christian teens feel some anxiety when their teen goes off on a first date. If you trust your teen to date, then you need to let go a little bit. If it helps, offer your teenager a cell phone so he or she can call you if needed.

Try to do things that get your mind off of the date. As time goes on you may not like the dating, but you will get used to it.


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