Dating vintage ampeg amps

Not anywhere in the neighborhood of expensive, in fact.

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As a result, this VT-22 is unlike anything before it; it doesn’t come close to copying any of the popular Marshall, Fender, or Vox amps of the era, and instead does its own thing entirely.“It cuts through nicely and every note is clear and precise. When the volume is bumped up a bit, the amp starts to get a little hair going and the Stones-type tones come out – classic rock to the bone.As more gain is added, it goes into some serious lead tones that are epic.This all-tube Portaflex head provides a harmonically rich and studio-worthy 50 watts of pure Ampeg tone.More info Portaflex PF-50T The legendary tone and portability of the all-tube Ampeg Portaflex amplifiers is faithfully reproduced in the PF-50T.So, both a bargain and a powerful performer, but you’ll want a strong-backed pal to help you lug it to the gig.


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