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And in less than 1 year, this page alone has generated nearly 1,000,000 additional page views for the brand.It has also launched their micro-influencer program, which has grown sales 167%. Robert Cialdini laid out six psychological triggers that can be used to increase sales on your site – one of which being a “liking” factor.People like to buy things from people they like – and most people like other people who remind them of themselves.Focus your time finding the contact info for the person that can turn that plain text shout-out into a relevant inbound link.You can get more backlinking advice in our Ecommerce SEO Guide.This is us leading you to the ecommerce waters – it’s now up to you to drink.In the online retail world, traffic is the foundation of your brand’s success.

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Find the most respected and popular forums, sites, journalists and aggregators in your industry and make yourself invaluable to them. Begin by connecting with influencers in your segment and then asking them questions about your vertical. Here are a few of what they call their “round up posts,” which get high visibility thanks to the sharing of content by the influencers included.

That doesn’t just mean providing excellent content (although that’s your first duty); it means seeking opportunities to actually help them. Even Twitter has opportunities for brands, so think through your strategy and choose your channels wisely.

Follow them, promote them and don’t ask them for favors constantly (Follow me! Remember that a huge percentage of all ecommerce shopping is now done on smartphones.

Remember, the most successful brands do all of these. You’ll see their resources sections in the red box (added by me) on the right-hand side.

This page is one of the service manual pages, where hundreds of manuals are included with product breakdown and visuals for each one.


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