Dating dj am

Prior to his death in August 2009, the disc jockey owned the hot spot LAX and served as the resident Friday night DJ at The Palms Hotel and Casino.

After all, wasn't DJ AM recently engaged to Nicole Richie? That's almost as many pounds as Lionel's daugther has put on the last nine years. Anyway, it appears as though Nicole has moved on with Samuel Plouchart - and now the DJ is stepping out with a new leading lady, as well.

Following Goldstein's death, an unnamed source told "She ended it, and he didn't want it to end," the source is reported as saying. with six pills believed to be Oxycontin in his stomach and one lodged in his throat.

Long-time Goldstein friend and Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker has expressed his grief over the death.

Scratching on albums for Madonna, DJ AM, born Adam Michael Goldstein in 1973, began playing private events for celebs like Jennifer Lopez, and performing at posh clubs like Las Vegas’s PURE.

Although he once faced weight problems—he underwent gastric bypass surgery in 2003—he dated leading ladies including Mandy Moore and was engaged to Nicole Richie in 2005.

The band posted on its website Tuesday that it would delay a series of upcoming shows so that Barker could "mourn the loss of his dear friend, Adam Goldstein."I write about movies for, which means I spend way too much time thinking about the geekiest possible ways to approach the cineplex.

Cops found prescription drug bottles inside DJ AM’s residence at 210 Lafayette St.after the 36-year-old’s lifeless body spotted face-down in his bed at around a friend, who was concerned he hadn’t heard from the performer in several days, sources said.In September 2008, he was critically injured (his face was severely burned) in a private plane crash that killed four people.DJ AM, along with performance partner Travis Barker, saved their own lives by jumping out the door of the burning plane as it came to a halt.Emergency medical workers responding to a 911 call from the friend declared DJ AM dead at the scene. DJ AM, whose real name is Adam Goldstein, had twittered recently that he had finished wrapping up an MTV reality show about drug addiction.


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