Dating detroit radio station

His father was only mentioned once on the first episode by Mama Payne, his father is possibly deceased also his grandmother was mentioned at least twice also her mother (Martin's great-grandmother) was mentioned once their both most likely deceased.He's also the grandson-in-law of Gina's possibly deceased grandmother. Jobs In Seasons 1-2, Martin worked as a radio DJ with his own show on WZUP, a fictional radio station.He calls her cruel names such as "Scrappy Doo", "Angela Bassett-Hound" and much more.However, when Pam is in need of help, Martin will come to her aid. In the finale, when Martin is moving away, Pam admits that Martin is a real friend to her, and she kisses him on the cheek goodbye.After a long search, Gina, Tommy, Cole and Pam finally found Martin at the beginning of Season 3. In the series finale, Word on the Street got picked up by a major TV station in Los Angeles and became a nationwide talk show.He was hiding out at a mysterious temple under the name "Shaquille Sunflower," and grew a bushy afro with one braid on it. He and Gina were forced to move, and say goodbye to their friends. It is revealed in the Season 2 episode "Do You Remember the Time?After a while, Gina was ready to settle down, but Martin kept refusing to marry her.But after advice from everyone around him, Martin realized that he had to do the right thing by Gina, and proposed to her in the park with Brian Mc Knight singing to her; she accepted. During the fourth season, Martin and Gina adjusted to their lives as a married couple.

In earlier episodes, on his radio show, Martin would discuss topics that would offend Gina or his friends, and cause a ruckus among the group. Sometimes his girlfriend (later wife) Gina Waters (Tisha Campbell) tries to straighten him out, but it may not last very long. Personality Selfish, mean (sometimes), loud mouth, impatient Hair color Black Eye color Brown Likes His mother's biscuits, Mama Payne, h Gina, making jokes about Pam, Nadine, Christmas (currently) Dislikes Pam, when Gina makes more money than him, Christmas (formerly) Family Great-Grandparents - Unnamed great-grandmother Grandparents - Unnamed grandmother Parents - Mama Payne, Unnamed father Siblings - Mama Payne's other children Lovers - Gina Payne (Wife), Anglea (ex-girlfriend) Uncles - Sunny (Maternal Uncle) Cousins - Junior (Cousin), The Country Paynes (1st cousins 1x removed), Fluorine (1st cousin 1x removed) In-Laws - Unnamed grandmother-in-law, Nadine Waters (Mother-in-law), Cliff Waters (Father-in-law) Friends • Tommy Srawn (Best friend) • Cole Brown (Best friend) . Biography Martin was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan with his two best friends Tommy Strawn (Thomas Mikal Ford) and Cole Brown (Carl Anthony Payne II). His father is mentioned once in the pilot episode, "Beauty and the Beast." During his high school years, Martin had a rivalry with the popular guy, Ricky Fontaine ,"Pretty Ricky" is what they called him (portrayed by Miguel A. Personality Martin is a sweetheart deep down, but on the outside, he acts like an egotistical, selfish jerk.Stan was truly a good person, but his wacky personality sometimes got on Martin's nerves.On Martin's radio show, he had a good fan reception and had many celebrity guests on his show (such as Richard Pryor and Keith Washington).In the middle of Season 5, Gina was written out of the series when Tisha Campbell and Martin Lawrence began feuding.


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