Dating counselor

(You will be amazed at how much mirroring behavior happens in a session).

Since most communication occurs nonverbally, the listeners nonverbal behaviors are critical in the establishment of trust and safety for the speaker, who may be revealing personal secrets never before revealed.

Love seemed like something that came naturally to others but was just not meant for me.

This book taught me that love was not only within reach but INEVITABLE if I approached dating with the right mindset of confidence plus realism and if I took the right actions on a consistent basis.

Natalia Juarez is a Breakup/Divorce Coach & Dating Strategist (almost like a dating coach) and relationship coach in Toronto and the owner and founder of Lovistics.

Listening will involve hearing what was not said also.

Natalia holds a degree in Gender Studies from Queen’s University, as well as an Education degree, and is certified as a yoga teacher and dating coach.

Natalia’s dating coach services include breakup coaching, online dating strategy and relationship coaching in Toronto.

It doesn't matter how old you are or what you look like--what matters is what you believe, how you feel, and how you act.

Evan is like the wise older brother I always wish I had to guide me through the trenches of dating.


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