Dating club kiev

Every weekend here is live jazz | jam sessions, you can hear soul by young singers. Well-known of its kind atmosphere when waitress is like your closest friend.Two not big rooms (in one - bar, in second - tables and stage). Salads and Falafel or herbal tea and cheesecake - everything will be heavenly tasty. Interesting fact: there is no menu because every week is marked by the new dish or drink.All of the freaks, partygoers, ink lovers, sadists, masochists and just people who love to have fun are invited.And put on your fave role costume if you've got one) A cozy setting for wine tasting with your friends.This place is keeping all your secrets and crazy stories because Fazenda Bar is not a bar it`s a commune...

You can like this place or you can hate it but you will always want to be returned and granted for that with an ever new coctail mixed in front of you and awarded for your visit with the smiles of strangers: so unknown and so close to you.One of the most popular art clubs among metropolitan hipsters.Here you can be delighted with the sounds of good music without pop tunes. More over foreign jazz bands well-known in some close circles are the frequent guests here.Quite an underground place without huge crowds of people.I like to go there after the work day to get some rare Belgian beer or some small shot and relax.You can enjoy a private dinner or have a proper cocktail at the bar.


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