Dating a workaholic male

Otherwise, you’re dooming yourself to a role as an afterthought, not a priority, in this relationship.At the very least, though, you’ve already got a built-in date for any Halloween parties on your social calendar: the Invisible Man.

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He and I live pretty close also, so we've run into each other outside of those too. Although he's quiet and reserved at first, after a few drinks he loosens up and has a wicked sense of humor. We've had lunch since then and never spoke of his confession since, but I feel sort of weird that he would tell me this.

I don’t think he wanted you to drag him home and deflower him like a horned-up cavewoman.

I also imagine the booze played a role, but perhaps the simple fact is that he’s short on friends.

But I can’t help wondering what the big deal is anyway.

I mean, you “really enjoy” his company and “wicked sense of humor,” so why should this tidbit, personal as it may be, change that?


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