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It’s no big deal as an image—what you see is what you get—but it’s interesting from a composition standpoint, and there’s a nice light on there. He’s like Dole—hard to shake and very comfortable in his own skin.I was introduced to him at a rally one night and the funny thing is, often you get behind the blue curtain and it’s all talking and you’re part of the conversation, which is helpful for a writer, but as a photographer it’s very frustrating because you want to be ignored so you can observe and make pictures!As recently as December, Trump and Cruz refrained from attacking each other, sparking a political “bromance” between the two candidates, with Trump largely refusing to insult Cruz, and Cruz chiding the Republican establishment for wanting a “cage match” between the two.“@real Donald Trump is terrific,” he tweeted back then.”“I wasn’t supposed to be on the tarmac here as Bush is vice president and running for president at the time but I knew a press guy on his campaign and I was literally just a kid and he took pity on me.

On Wednesday, the Republican front-runner pushed the limits of acceptable behavior further by threatening to to “spill the beans” about Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi Cruz, after an anti-Trump super-PAC ran an ad featuring a nude photo of Trump’s wife, Melania Trump.

It was over 100 degrees, heavy humidity, so as a photographer you think, What’s my best opportunity to make one picture in any given situation?

This is just a handshake picture unless you concentrate on what makes it different: the campaign picture and the pen, media is surrounding him, and he’s got a wireless mike on him.

Because of the flatness of the light and the time of day Bush is almost like this cardboard cutout that someone’s carrying.

The composition is nice; the six heads behind him of the Secret Service agents and the priest (who was the president of Boys Town at the time) come together to make a complicated image.


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