Dating a girl with spina bifida

We're willing to bet that none of your first dates from dating sites or mutual friends have concluded with someone asking to watch you pee (but just watch), or climbing up your balcony (it's not as romantic as Rapunzel made it seem). "style, and be happy —so happy— that these didn't happen to you.Putting your fate in the hands of a matchmaker isn't even a safe bet, as Ricki, 23, found out the hard way, when she was set up on a date who, despite the obvious answer, kept insisting, "We are having fun. Also, be sure to comment below and share any horrifying dating stories you may have.He used to live on 'the streets.' He claimed to have 'beat Spina Bifida.' He had had a fiancé in Japan who was open to him dating women while he was in the States.After all those amazing revelations I let him know our relationship would not be romantic.After 40 more minutes of virtual silence and him staring at my chest like a starving infant, he asked to drive me home. ' After exactly an hour and a half he announced the date was over. He did walk me to the subway but I never heard from him again, thankfully." "I met a guy on Ok Cupid that was cute enough, and he suggested one of my favorite wine and tapas bars in the city. I mean, how quickly do you think you could get pregnant?Never date a cop." -Joanna, 30"We went out to dinner, and he kept saying over and over that he was so tired, and had to make it an early night. I apparently didn't read his profile thoroughly enough, and he started making really insane, ridiculous statements — and wasn't joking. I've spent a lot of time making sure I'm not fertile due to the miracle of birth control. Needless to say, I did not stop taking birth control and there was not a second date." "My date and I found that we had a mutual morbid interest in true crime stories.He dropped me off at home, but I wasn't about to call it a night just because he was lame, so I met my friends at a club. My friends and I taunted him so badly, he ultimately did end up making it an early night." -Pam, 54"A lot of Orthodox Jews rely on matchmakers to set them up, so I decided to give it a try. You work in a stressful environment and somehow manage that. To name a few: ' Gay people shouldn't have the right to vote because they aren't real citizens,' ' Women shouldn't have the right to choose if they shave or not — no man wants to touch that,' ' But you'll quit your job when you get married, right? ' After I excused myself to the bathroom, I calmed myself down, laid down a and walked across the street to a gay bar and shared my story. He told me he had a collection of pieces that infamous convicted criminals had done while serving their time in prison, and out of sheer curiosity I agreed to go back to his place to check them out.I met my 'match' at this loud sports bar and already knew it was going to be bad. He kept checking his watch and got frustrated when I didn't know what I wanted to order. Then he calls me out on it and tells me I am required to ask him three questions. I had told him all about my job at a startup when he said to me, ' I don't understand what the issue is. I got free (and much needed) tequila shots all night." "Me: (chewing main course)Him: It's really nice to be here with you. Me: (refrain from spitting food all over him, chewing slower now)Him: I'd like to have children sooner rather than later. His house was packed from wall-to-wall with serial killer memorabilia: photographs, articles of clothing the killer had worn, news clippings, artifacts collected from crime scenes, handwritten letters...anything you could even remotely link to a famous serial killer, this guy had won at an auction and was now proudly displaying in his home. " -Kasey, 26"I was very excited to meet my date because his photo looked like a young Matt Lauer (wearing a bathing suit, six pack abs, with full head of hair.) I was in the waiting area and some guy walks up to me and says, 'hi', but I didn't think it was my date.

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After about a minute and a half he got up and said it was my turn.

Then he texted me 6 months after our date asking if we were 'cool.' I said yes, and we engaged in pleasant conversation until he began bombarding me about a relationship.

I said I wasn't into anything physical, because that was obviously all he wanted.

As we walked out of the bar he appeared to be suffering from some sort of stomach cramp.

He told me he suffered from severe IBS and desperately needed a private bathroom.


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