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Millennials want to live in that in-between space, where our addiction to social media doesn't exclude personal intimacy, but we haven't mastered how to balance our needs yet.

The generation ahead us is fluent in technology; those now-teenagers were raised on it.

Scroll through the "explore" section of Instagram, for instance, and you'll find posts on Tinder nightmares, how to belittle your ex, the importance of "cuffing season" and the struggle of being single when you "miss regular dick." The freedom to share our sexual experiences with the world gives us an uncommon camaraderie among our peers. While these platforms make us feel less alone in the struggles that go along with maintaining a romantic relationship, social media simultaneously isolates us: Instagram and Twitter promise an audience of Millions without the awkwardness or inconvenience of real-world interactions.

Are we having nonstop kinky sex with one-night stands or remaining celibate into adulthood?

The language of social media is that of openness, and most Millennials (90 percent of us, according to Pew) use it, often publicizing our personal lives – including the intimate details of our sexual encounters. Our desires are no longer strange; we feel free to discuss all of our preoccupations with sex and dating, no matter how unusual or potentially embarrassing.

We proudly tout our dating hang-ups on a forum that lets us broadcast our problems in the moment. Studies show that the stigma around sex is fading: One 2012 survey from the University of San Diego found that 58 percent of respondents said there was nothing wrong with sex before marriage, and another study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that 45 percent of us of have had casual sex, compared to only 35 percent in the Eighties.

As much as Millennials share online, they still don't trust it to find love.

This is an era of experimentation for young people as they try to have it all: their obsession with the Internet and their desire for intimacy.


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