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I'm starting to notice that Vimeo is like Canon and needs to be more like Panasonic and give the filmmakers tools they can use. - TB Hey Tamarcus, We've actually had review pages for quite some time now, this is just the latest revision! You can deactivate notes on your review page by switching off comments in your video settings. If the reviewer is logged in to Vimeo, their name and profile picture will be associated with their notes.If you upgrade to PRO or Business check it out and let us know what you think. Click the Settings button beneath the player on your regular video page and navigate to the Privacy tab. If the person leaving feedback doesn’t have a Vimeo account, all they have to do is provide a name when they leave a note on your review page.We’ll be adding even more features to our video review pages soon to make your video workflow even smoother. At least Pro and/or Business accounts should be able to add as many Time-Coded text notes in this comment text-box underneath the videos. This shall be the beginning of a new full of possibilities platform for students and professionals! I think that an export function for notes (with frame clips from the time coded location) are totally necessary. 2- sort out the notifications on comment with a daily digest option, as multiple emails create too much clutter. You are actually allowed **unlimited** reviewers on your Vimeo review page.

If I don't want to use notes, then don't tell my clients about notes, please! 2) Must reviewers be invited via private link, or can it be open to all? Reviewers don't need to be invited – anyone you give the private link to will be able to leave notes. We don't have versioning yet, and currently anyone you share the review page with link will be able to leave notes, so you can't revoke access.

Some notes may need questions/clarifications, and if that reviewers isn't notified, then it may slow down the review process.

-One of the biggest problems in any review process is too many cooks in the kitchen.

But video review pages are just one of the myriad tools at your disposal: PRO and Business members enjoy features like advanced privacy and the ability to add team members to their accounts and choose permissions. WE, people that are going to use this function, really need an import/export method for all these notes.

Vimeo Business also comes with up to 5TB of storage, Google Analytics integration for in-depth video stats, email capture in the player … See all the benefits now and start diving into all the powerful tools available. Furthermore, Vimeo would improve its professional and student usability if it would allow more Time-Coded text in the Comments panel (the one that is nowadays right underneath each video) which allow any user to go directly to the moment the MM: SS is indicating.


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