Chat me alone sex

I asked this pal out for a simple daytime date and he said sure but then didnt get back to me as to specifics (place, time etc). Im in no hurry but dont want to play the fool either. if he doesnt call within the next 2 weeks, move on.

He did say hes busy right now but that hed find the time.

either hes not into it, or he has something else going on.

i find myself not calling guys who seem great, because i too busy, not really available for a relationship. people arent always lying when they say it isnt you.

If he calls more than 4 days after that, dont even bother. oh so generally give him a week but if he calls after that be understanding?

If a guy waits a week and a half, chances are hes just lazy or lame ie not deserving of you.

He convinced himself it was a set up, but then he showed up anyway.I doubt he's ever going to attept to solicit another minor for sex. This marks sixteen convictions in January 2007, which is a site record for most convictions in one month. Sure it does, didn't expect another conviction to come in today!An average of over one internet predator conviction every two days. Some guys just like to play it cool to protect themselves. sorry, but guys can be dense when we throw out signals. i mean i have a life and would like to date someone who does as well. But if he didnt jump at the opportunity he is most likely not romantically intered. well the rumor is that hes a bit shy on these matters so thats a factor too. If you werent clear, he might think that you are just intered in going out as friends. wouldnt you be a bit turned off by someone who was *immediately* and always available? You hear about it all the time He would later show. He received three years probation, sixty days caltrans cleaning up the roads, time served and a lifetime of sexual offender registration and all the restrictions that come along with that.


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