Capricorn dating a capricorn Cam chat sites

Capricorn and Gemini—This is an Earth and Air combo, not commonly seen.Gemini people are whirlwinds of activity, restless and unstoppable.He gives off a kind of “Fatherly” vibe, even when young, so people end up telling him all their problems. His demeanor is calm, he has a way of making you feel safe, and he really listens when you talk.If he’s in your circle of friends, he’s the one researching vacation condos for summer in January, so you can all go away together. Capricorn and Aries—This is one of the challenging square aspects, plus it’s an Earth and Fire combo.They feel strongly, but look at life from different points of view.I can say don’t do it, but you will anyway, it’s fated.As far as sex goes, a Capricorn is intense and direct, but with a sensual Taurus he can slow down and enjoy more.

Capricorn plans ahead for years in advance, but Aries never heard the word forethought.

On New Year’s Eve, he is “Fathertime”, the old year that is being ushered out so the new one can begin.

This astrology sign is ruled by Saturn, the karmic teacher.

He’s out to have fun himself and sometimes gets sick of being the serious one.

But if they stay with it, after Aries charms Capricorn, he will see the virtue of being with someone exciting who makes it easy for him to better communicate. This combination can be fine, the attraction is there, but they look at life in a different way. Earth signs are more sentimental than they appear, and both are practical.


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