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Greg is extremely important to us and although he wont be able to commit to every training session he is going to be able to do a more than adequate amount.Paddy is absolutely proven in this league, the last twice he has been in it he has been in the team of the year.I have to thank the gaffer for giving me some time to think as I had a few other options however he made it clear to me how much he wanted to me to stay and with the club going full time it was an easy decision to make.I was impressed with the signings that we have made as well.

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Foxxi, the therapist on call, answers the phone, and Miky invites her over for a home visit.

Accidentally-on-purpose, Foxxi spills a bit too much oil onto Miky's tits, but is kind enough to offer to clean it up.

As she feels Miky up, Foxxi gets horny and starts to touch her client's pussy.

We have very high hopes for Craig and full time training will only improve him.

We are very close to finalising the contracts for Greg Fleming and Paddy Boyle.


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