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Never will physical contact suggest or imply sexual intent.Amanda is an affectionate person by nature, enjoys physical contact, enjoys giving physical touch but wants to be clear on what is expressed by it—that is pleasure that someone is her friend, affection when appropriate, and comfort when a person is suffering.On a first date an affectionate embrace or a simple kiss is the maximum allowed.There will be no ongoing physical contact during the date such as holding hands or snuggling.Her reasoning is, “what benefit is it to me or anyone else that my touch should express sexual interest.” She recalled a comment by her mother who had, back in the 1970s attended a Bill Gothard seminar (on successful living for youth).Gothard preached conservative Christian values, but even if one did not agree with those values, he expressed a useful definition of the word “defrauding”.

It did not make it into and the evidence of research psychology is that the ability to set boundaries and adhere to them, particularly where strong emotions are involved, represents the foundation for success in many areas.The concept of boundaries, vitally important to living a successful life, is curiously under researched by psychologists.The only textbook I have used on the topic was very poor.Boundaries In Dating DVD Small Group Study 10 Sessions – 120 minutes total Rules for romance that can help you find the love of your life.Boundaries in Dating helps readers to avoid the pitfalls of dating.You only have to live a few years and follow the news stories to find a multitude of instances where a career is ruined due to non adherence to boundaries. What follows is a quite extensive example of boundaries set by a young woman concerning what she chooses to do or not do in a dating context.


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