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Gamers are masters at staying up when they need to. Gamers love anything related to their game of choice. Gamers know that the details are super important in a game.If a new game is coming out and they can’t wait to get it, it’s the perfect gift idea. Not paying attention or missing a valuable piece of information can be the difference between succeeding or failing at a mission.This means that when it comes to installing a new TV or fixing a problem on a PC, they can usually figure it out with little effort.[Read: The pros and cons of being attached to our gadgets] #8 They’re patient.What this means for you is that they are not quitters.They will rarely let your relationship suffer if they can do anything about it, and so they won’t give up on you very easily. If you aren’t the brightest tool in the box when it comes to technology, your gamer guy or girl will usually know a thing or two about tech stuff.If you met a really cute gamer guy or girl and want to know if you should get in a relationship with them, there are quite a few reasons to convince you that dating a gamer is where it’s at.

Give them a chance, and you’ll soon find that serious gamers make for some of the best boyfriends and girlfriends around.

You won’t go broke on these folks, except when it comes to buying them any new technology. Gamers are expertly resourceful and know how to use what they’ve got to get the job done.

This can translate to fixing a piece of furniture, or making sure you are taken care of in the bedroom. Gamers really know the perfect balance of when to be in control, and when to loosen the reigns and be laid back.

Gamers are used to spending hours alone in a game, so they aren’t the type to get impatient when waiting for you.

They have so much entertainment to occupy themselves, and so they usually don’t even realize any time has passed at all since you were gone. A gamer will understand their partner’s need for space, simply because they need space, too.


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