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If you don't know much about camming, the concept is similar to streaming on Twitch -- only instead of playing a game, the performer, usually a woman, gets naked.But like streaming, camming is also about much more than that.Fans tune in because they want to interact with and support performers, just like they would for their favourite Twitch streamers.Despite the constant cries of "camwhore" and "fake gamer girls" that follow female streamers, performers such as Monroe and Morbid stream on Twitch for the same range of reasons that everyone else does.

Twitch and cam sites are only becoming more similar over time. Users buy tokens in advance and can then award them to performers as tips in public chats, or spend them on public or private shows.

Our web cam porno girls Yes we prefer to employ the real deal wherever possible and if you are interested in getting into the adult world we are happy for you to drop us a line.

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In many ways, Geisha Monroe and Mandy Morbid are typical Twitch streamers -- they're gamers who share their play experiences with an online following.

They cosplay, they collect game-related memorabilia, they tweet memes. But what does pay their bills makes them unusual among Twitch streamers: They're cam performers.


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