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It’s a smart, searching episode that also includes a rare Miranda/Samantha dual subplot—one that acutely addresses the frivolousness of all this fabulousness.

Worst Episode: “I Love a Charade” The goopy finale episode hardly advances the plot (Berger’s back! ) and features an irritating guest appearance by Nathan Lane.

Oh, and a man accidentally ejaculates on Miranda’s face during a tantric sex demonstration. What’s Not: People are still talking to the camera, which is a problem.

Watching this season again, it struck me as the show’s magical realism season, with odd tonal veers, like the bizarrely cartoonish “Freak Show” episode and a dubious “cameo” by Leonardo Di Caprio.

By now, you'd think, he would know that women are capable of understanding football as well as men.

That's especially true of women who are paid to talk and write and analyze the game.

But really, who knows how many people actually followed the show's siren call to Manhattan, only to face inevitable disappointment.

A decade later, those trends are largely gone, but there’s still the show—this great, thrilling, maddening, occasionally dumb show.

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There’s no doubt that had some pretty hefty cultural influence, elevating once-niche luxury brands to household-name status, serving as inspiration for countless blogs and articles about dating and city life and, anecdotally anyway, leading to a huge uptick in brunching.Just a couple days ago, Cameron and Nicole shopped for shrubbery together ... Check out the clip, Nicole seems less into the performance than Cameron, but she's been at this longer. Before that, he played major college football for three years.There's nothing Cameron Diaz and Nicole Richie don't do together these days -- including partying like teenagers at their husbands' concert.The sisters-in-law fangirl'd out in the VIP section of Good Charlotte's Thursday night gig at the legendary Troubadour. the ladies were rocking beside Nicole's dad Lionel Richie.In an odd way, that chilly, nervous air works for the show in some places.


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