Apple tv photo albums not updating

Find some photos that you want to add to the Shared Stream, then tap the Select button and select the photos you wish to add.

With some photos selected, tap the Share button and select i Cloud from the Share Sheet.

Photo Stream allows for photos to be shared to other i Cloud users, as well as non-i Cloud users, with a feature called, rather unsurprisingly, , effectively just special albums that you place photos into using either i OS 7, i Photo or Aperture.

Sharing these to other i Cloud users allows them to subscribe to the Shared Stream on their own i OS device or Mac, automatically receiving new photos as soon as they're added.

To manage the Shared Stream, such as invite new subscribers or make it accessible via the web, click the Info button within i Photo.

i Photo will display a sidebar that provides some options to manage the Shared Stream.

Tap the Shared tab again and select the Shared Stream that has been created.For Aperture, click the i Cloud menu in the lower-right and select Settings.An overlay provides the same sort of controls as i Photo and i only ever used for its automatic upload and delivery of new photos across all of their i Cloud-enabled devices.But Photo Stream offers far more, providing some excellent features that makes sharing photos with friends and family an enjoyable and more personal experience, especially when considered as an alternative to sharing via social networks.Shared Streams can send a push notification to you when subscribers join, like photos, make comments or add photos of their own.


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