Aol updating definition files

It will then ignore out of sequence messages until it gets the mangled message correctly.If its window is closed, and there is no NAK queued, it will queue the NAK for transmission when the window opens.In all cases, where a numbered message is sent, the window is checked.If it is closed, an SS is sent to try to re-open the wondow. - 01292013 - Each packet has a token that determines what is in the data field of the packet.Documentation for these tokens is very sparse; it's likely that AOL never had a comprehensive document listing all of them.When an SS has been sent, and no SSR has been received, all NAKs are accepted, but they are ignored, instead of being processed.When a SSR is received, any messages that were not received are queued for transmission. AOL has a large number of forums on every topic, file libraries containing art, shareware, game mods, etc, etc.

If the window is closed, the message is queued for transmission. From The url for the Apple II New Files library is aol://4487, and here is the URL for the Un Fork It file, contained in that library: aol://446250. In this case, either 4400 for a library, or 4401 for a file. Many of them are essentially identical, file libraries for instance, but many are also one-offs created for a specific purpose. Going this route will take a more thorough understanding of both the AOL protocol and the FDO scripts.Then the response number of the message is examined.If it acknowledges any messages currently in the buffer, they are dropped from the buffer.Instead, the documentation merely tells the reader to view the list of tokens while logged into the server.In normal transmission, messages are being passed in both directions.The impacts of this on the AOL service are unknown at this time.


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