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Figure 1: Carbon dioxide record derived from air bubbles trapped in the Vostock Ice Core, Antarctica(Barnola et al. CO2 levels fluctuated between about 190 and 280 parts per million (ppm, where 1 ppm = 1 molecule of carbon dioxide per million molecules of air). This data shows that atmospheric carbon dioxide levels now are higher than those in the past 400,000 years.Carbon dioxide levels have risen rapidly since about 1850 AD. Figure 2: The carbon cycle is the sum of interacting processes that act to exchange carbon amoung atmosphere, land, or ocean are relatively small and for the most part have large uncertianty.This laboratory is used primarily to provide radiocarbon measurements.Hence, coverage in research areas is multidisciplinary.Two, tandem accelerators at this facility accelerate energies up to 3 million volts (3 Me V).The function of these accelerators is to measure scarce, (cosmogenic) isotopes such as aluminium-26, beryllium-10, iodine-129 and the aforementioned carbon-14.

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This is the key to achieving predictive understanding of the carbon cycle.

It also provides a safe combustion vessel for samples with high volatile content such as nutshell and fresh wood.

Above Right: It can be interfaced with a, large combustion vessel capable of processing up to 4 kg sediments, and can be interfaced with an acidification apparatus for carbonate dating including up to 5 gallon water for DIC.

The predominance of 14C-depleted air in the northern hemisphere is the result of burning of fossil fuels, which contian zero radiocarbon.

An atmosheric measurement program to test these predictions would be useful in reducing uncertainty about the present sources and sinks of carbon dioxide.


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