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He may pull away from your breast while feeding because his mouth is sore. It is safe for your baby, but it makes sense to wipe off any excess before he feeds. A mum who posts videos of herself breastfeeding has defied trolls who criticise her for continuing to nurse her four-year-old daughter.

Your baby may be unsettled or only feed for a short time.

Her latest post about nursing her four-year-old daughter Poppy has attracted nearly one million views.

But the video has also attracted cruel comments from trolls who claim Poppy - who will start school in September - is too old to be breastfed. It's sickening honestly.'olga998123 said: 'It most certainly is for the mum feeling she is a better mum when she 'sacrifices' herself in this way.'It's a pity because the child is being taught total dependency rather than to independently soothe and feel self-sufficient.'Another user called two joints Martienz said: 'That girl is too damn big to be breastfeeding.'The Mother Reborn said: 'Did I read this right? I don't care who I offend but after two that's enough.'You can bond by holding and cuddling.

Leanne said: 'I post breastfeeding videos when I feel like talking about things because there will always be someone out there who is going through the same thing.'You get a lot of nice suggestions but also a lot of abuse - those I tend to block and delete.'But I'm shocked by how many views it has had.'Leanne's breastfeeding posts online have attracted a series of negative comments, such as that from You Tube user Ce Ce Kansas, who posted: 'She's too old to be breastfed! I mean, imagine going to school and breastfeeding - he doesn't need breast milk this old.'Mom should find another way to bond if I read this right - she needs to accept she's a child and not a baby - and let her be a kid.'Leanne continued feeding son Georgie, now five, when Poppy was born and battled through pregnancy aversions and dry milk spells until he was four.

'Morgan White said: 'How do you expect your child to grow and prosper socially when they are still relying on your boobs for sustenance? But she was fully supported by husband Lee, 30, a machine operative.


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