A lifetime of rule on dating woman

At no point in the relationship can you be afraid to walk. Now, the longer you’re with someone the more things should factor into the decision to walk.

However, the one thing that must never be part of the equation is fear.

When you aren’t afraid to get rid of girls, you increase your self-esteem and courage. The only difference is how they’ll take advantage of your weakness.

Get it wrong, and you’ll forever hate your life and wonder why none of your relationships last. If you want an intelligent woman, you need above average intelligence. What type of man only has his work, sports to watch on the weekend, and Netflix? It’s why we really don’t care about a girl’s personality. This means all displays of strength, dominance, and power are attractive to women.The first time I did this, I will admit I had liquid courage.The second time I was clear-eyed, sober and terrified.This is true for anything with its own goals and priorities. In many ways, this is how guys become “pussy-whipped”.They simply don’t understand how or lack the requisite courage (see the last point) to deal with a woman.All things considered equal, the more unhappy a man is in a relationship the less experienced he is with women in general.


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